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Application Process

Learn more about the application process for intelligence careers.

A career with the Intelligence Community is enormously rewarding, but also demands the very best of the workforce. To meet the requirements, you must be highly competent in your field, highly reliable and trusted to safeguard some of the nation's most sensitive information. The application timeline begins when an agency contacts you about your application.

The timelines below are approximate, because the amount of time it takes for the application process may vary significantly based on the applicant or the job opening. Although the application process is long, we believe you will find it is well worth the wait.

Our process


Our human resources and hiring managers will screen your application, resume and basic qualifications to see if you meet the minimum qualifications. This process takes approximately two weeks.


If you are selected, we will contact you to arrange a time to speak with a panel about your qualifications. This takes approximately two to four weeks.

Human resources process

If you receive an offer of employment, you will have five days to respond. If you accept, we will extend a conditional offer of employment along with all government and agency forms. You will have two weeks to complete the packet. This takes approximately one to four weeks.

Security and medical/psychological testing

The security process begins after we receive all documentation. We will schedule your medical and polygraph exams. A background investigator will confirm the details you provided in a questionnaire and determine your suitability for a clearance. Any omissions in the forms or missed questions can delay this process. This can take approximately 12 months to complete.

Hiring authority final approval

After you successfully complete the security and medical process, a human resource representative will contact you to schedule your entrance on duty orientation. This takes approximately one to two weeks.

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