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Application Process

Learn more about the application process for intelligence careers.

Intelligence Community application process

The Intelligence Community hiring process can take a little longer than other agencies. Depending on your circumstances, like how many times you've moved, changed jobs or traveled overseas, the hiring process may take more than a year.

Throughout the process, we will ask for relevant personal information. Responding quickly and completing the necessary paperwork on time will keep your suitability determination process moving forward and help avoid any delays in an already lengthy process.

Application process list

Applying to jobs and completing your application

Apply to all the open jobs you believe are a good fit for yourself. You will:

  • Complete a profile with basic demographic information.
  • Answer questions that will help us assess your background and skills based on the job qualifications.
  • Provide your resume, including your education, previous jobs and employment dates.
  • Upload academic transcripts, a DD-214 and other supporting documents you want to include.


An agency's human resources staff and the hiring manager will review your application, resume and basic qualifications to make sure you meet the job requirements.


If you are qualified, the hiring agency will contact you for an interview and ask you to complete any pre-employment forms or paperwork. Most interviews are conducted virtually or over the phone.

After the interview, the hiring manager will decide whether to make you a conditional job offer or a final one if you are applying to a student program.

Conditional job offer

A recruiter will contact you to verify the information in your application and your pre-employment paperwork, and they may extend a conditional job offer.

A conditional job offer means you still need to meet specific requirements, such as a drug test or completing a security screening, before you get a final job offer.

Suitability and security clearance process

Once you have a conditional job offer, you must complete the suitability and security clearance process.

Final job offer

Once you complete the suitability and security clearance process, a recruiter will contact you with a final job offer. They will again verify your information from the conditional job offer to make sure it is still accurate.

New employee orientation

You will complete your agency's new employee orientation. New employee orientations vary across agencies. Your agency will work with you to explain its orientation process.

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