A Resilient, World-Class Workforce

DIA’s number one resource is its people, and the Agency has many benefits and programs in place to support a healthy work/life balance for its officers.

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DIA offers a variety of career benefits:

Annual Leave

DIA officers accrue annual leave based on their length of service. For full-time DIA officers, annual leave is accrued at the following rates:
  • Less than 3 years: 4 hours per pay period (13 days per year)
  • 3-14 years: 6 hours per pay period (20 days per year)
  • 15 years or more: 8 hours per pay period (26 days per year)

Part-time DIA officers also earn annual leave. The leave accrual is pro-rated based on the number of base pay hours the employee works during the standard 80-hour pay period.

In most cases, up to 30 days (240 hours) of annual leave may be accrued and carried over to the next year.

Sick Leave

Inevitably, everyone gets sick or has need for medical appointments. DIA officers are able to accrue sick leave, with full-time officers accumulating four hours every two weeks and part-time officers accruing one hour of sick leave for each 20 hours worked.

There is no limit on the amount of sick leave that may be accrued. Sick leave can be used for the following reasons:

  • Personal illness
  • Medical, optical and dental appointments
  • Care of a family member who is ill or for his/her doctor's appointments
  • Bereavement purposes
  • Adoption of a child

Currently, DIA offers both compressed and flexible work schedules that encourage DIA officers to balance their personal life with work requirements. When mission allows, DIA supervisors work with the DIA officers on their team to accommodate their work/life balance needs. For example, some DIA officers will work longer hours Monday through Thursday in order to accommodate other commitments on Friday.

DIA is committed to providing its officers the services needed to assist with balancing a challenging work environment with his or her personal life. Although the mission is a priority, DIA will make every effort to accommodate its officers whenever and wherever possible. Through services like telework, part-time work and job-sharing, DIA officers have an opportunity to better manage their lives outside of work. For example, with supervisory approval, DIA officers may telework a few days per week to provide a better work/life balance.

The Civilian Fitness Program offers DIA officers a way to balance a challenging and fast-paced work life with fitness goals and consistent exercise. With supervisory approval, DIA officers can use up to three hours per week to participate in a physical fitness activity. For example, many DIA officers leave work an hour early on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to take a yoga or kickboxing class, go for a run or bike ride, or swim some laps at the pool.

The DIA Health Wise Program provides employees with information and resources to achieve and maintain physical and emotional health through medical screenings, physical fitness, lifestyle changes, nutrition and health education.  The program is designed to promote healthy lives through an integrated, coordinated and comprehensive wellness plan. By targeting several leading health indicators, DIA strives to foster an environment which enhances the development of healthy lifestyles and high performance. 

For DIA officers working in the National Capital Region, DIA offers an incentive to use mass transit.  Officers can receive a mass transportation fare subsidy monthly toward their commute to and from work.