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Career Development

We offer you competitive and non-competitive opportunities through internal and external programs.

Mentorship program

Mentoring is a relationship in which knowledge and skills are shared between members in a way in which everyone benefits. Our formal mentoring program will connect you with a more experienced employee who will help you develop personally and professionally based on your career goals. This program assists newer Space Force employees like you in discovering your strengths and growing your skills through a structured, trusting mentoring relationship.

Learn more about mentoring opportunities.

Civilian Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP)

CTAP assists civilians in their continued self-development and includes coursework at the associate, bachelor's, master's (including Juris Doctorate) and doctorate levels at accredited institutions from participating institutions. CTAP pays for 75 percent of tuition costs, but may not exceed $250 per semester hour or $166 per quarter hour and $4,500 per fiscal year. CTAP is open to all full time (80 hours per pay period) Space Force civilian employees.

View the list of participating institutions.

Learn more about CTAP.

Civilian Developmental Education (CDE)

As a Space Force civilian employee, you may apply for competitive developmental opportunities throughout various stages of your career. Developmental opportunities are designed to help you gain experience outside your functional areas, develop and expand your skills to complement your expertise, provide leadership opportunities and other benefits. The CDE program consists of five categories: basic developmental education, intermediate developmental education, senior developmental education and short courses in academic/fellowships and leadership seminars. If you are selected by the civilian developmental (CD) board, you are required to sign a continued service agreement which may require a service commitment based on cost and length of training.

For a breakout of programs and their CSA requirements, please view the AY23 CSA Requirements by Program table.

National Security Space Institute (NSSI)

NSSI is the Space Force’s focal point for continuing education, complementing existing education programs at Air University, the Naval Postgraduate School and the Air Force Institute of Technology. You will have an opportunity of taking in-residence, online or blended/hybrid professional continuing education, space cadre development and general space education courses through NSSI alongside other federal civilian and uniformed members from across the Department of Defense.

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