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Career Fields

Our focus is on developing well-rounded professionals in a variety of fields.

We are unique from other federal agencies because we do not ask you to commit to a human resource, information technology, cybersecurity or other career track. Instead, we develop well-rounded career professionals with many development opportunities.

Career Fields

In this professional discipline, you will manage government contracting components, federal procurement processes and ensure adherence to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for contract management.

In this professional discipline you will serve as a key point person for internal infrastructure. Career fields in this occupational category vary from human capital to accounting, business management, facilities and finance.

In this professional discipline your efforts will be focused on a defensive mission, helping to protect U.S. information and related systems from cyberattacks.

In this professional discipline you will find data-driven decision makers, with the ability to analyze information, communicate related findings and formulate predictions for use in machine learning.

In this professional discipline you will serve alongside best-in-class professionals on the front line of our nation’s defense, collecting, analyzing and reporting intelligence that uncovers the intentions of foreign governments and non-state entities worldwide.

In this educational environment you will work with fellow federal government professionals in the exploration of solutions for the toughest national security challenges and help to oversee unique academic experience where students learn and research in a classified environment.

In this professional discipline, you will work with STEM partners in identifying solutions for IC challenges by applying core knowledge in mathematics, information technology and science.

In this professional discipline, you will work alongside peer professionals whose job is safeguarding our nation’s people, facilities and information from enemies who wish to do us harm.

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