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Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (DEIA)

Sustaining organizational culture change

We continue to insist on implementing organizational cultural change by:

  • Designing, building and developing for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.
  • Identifying and creating new interdisciplinary opportunities, including flexible career pathways.
  • Assessing and removing barriers throughout every stage of your Air Force civilian career.

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DEIA as a mission imperative

“Diversity and inclusion is not just a phrase—it is a mission to me. Diversity is essential to our future success and the security of our nation. There is a wealth of data showing diverse teams are more innovative, better problem solvers, and are less prone to groupthink. Inclusion is what allows our workforce to stay diverse.”
—Lt. Gen. Leah G. Lauderback, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Cyber Effects Operations

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