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Career Fields

Start exploring NRO opportunities by familiarizing yourself with our career fields.

Career Fields

Working in acquisitions you will:

  • Manage the cost, schedule and performance of major contracts to develop, deliver and sustain overhead reconnaissance systems, including spacecraft hardware, ground and communication components and mission software applications.
  • Provide authoritative recommendations, briefings and other formal and informal feedback and status to management on all aspects of program status, contractor technical performance and for all significant decision points.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate activities with functional specialists, including contracting, engineering, manufacturing program control, configuration and data management, test and logistics and operations support.

You can work as a:

  • Program manager
  • Project manager

Working in contracts you will:

  • Ensure contractual baselines meet with federal and NRO laws, regulations, policies and standards. In coordination with Acquisition Program Management, you will develop and implement contractual direction on all contracts within the NRO.
  • Provide expertise and oversight of full lifecycle contracting. This role includes providing professional acquisition support and serving as a business advisor to the technical, financial, legal and security team members.

You can work as a:

  • Contract manager
  • Contract specialist
  • Contract price or cost analyst

With a career in financial management, you will:

  • Support the formulation and execution of the NRO budget. You'll work with program management to ensure program closure.
  • Advise on programs or major systems acquisitions (MSAs), as well as planning or performing analytical work relating to various phases of the budgetary process. These responsibilities include analyzing program or acquisition data through qualitative and quantitative techniques, identifying and evaluating options to solve program budget issues, certifying funding availability, providing regulatory and procedural guidance and providing overall financial management support to the NRO's directorates and offices.

You can work as an:

  • Accountant
  • Budget analyst
  • Financial analyst

Working in an engineering or technical career field you will:

  • Provide technical expertise in support of acquisitions, operations, customer support, launch and other NRO missions.
  • Provide expertise on a wide range of technical fields and disciplines, such as program management, research, design, development, integration and test, launch, operations, sustainment and disposal of innovative overhead intelligence systems for national security. Some of the unique aspects of engineering and operating NRO satellite reconnaissance systems and infrastructure include working with a large, diverse group of systems developers, leading within a large population of support contractors and delivery and support to numerous worldwide operating locations.

You can work as an:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Electrical engineer (power, analog and digital)
  • Information technology specialist
  • Mechanical engineer (mechanics and dynamics)
  • Physical scientist (Physics: quantum sensing and applied; Chemistry: remote sensing and organic)
  • Software engineer (programming, machine code)
  • System engineer
  • Operations researcher

With a career in security, you will:

  • Develop security threat protection planning and execution for operations across our programs and facilities.
  • Provide personnel security services to support our workforce.
  • Manage and perform the security of our programs, data, facilities and people around the world.

You can work as an:

  • Adjudicator
  • Personnel security specialist
  • Polygrapher
  • Program security officer

Working in our mission support career field, you will:

  • Encompass various core functions to make sure we successfully execute our mission. Personnel in these functions are experts in their unique disciplines.
  • Provide expertise in unique disciplines supporting a wide range of functions, such as administrative, equal employment, human resources, logistics and non-acquisition program management.

You can work as an:

  • Attorney
  • Equal Employment Opportunity specialist
  • Human resource specialist
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Office administrator

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