Women in STEM

Women in STEM

What will you invent when you join NSA?

Protecting our nation in today's cyberspace environment demands STEM innovators who come from all different backgrounds.

At NSA, women in STEM get challenging work with flexible hours, enjoy an inclusive and diverse environment, fantastic work-life balance, and have a network of people to help them advance their careers.

Meet three women whose careers in systems engineering, computer science and computer science research are on the move. Check out the latest job openings so you can join our team of innovators.

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Work where your team can't wait to see what you do next. - Arielle G., Systems Engineer

Thanks to NSA's flexible schedules, Arielle G. is still involved with her college sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, which helped her learn to collaborate across multiple teams at NSA. She's also a member of three ER Gs, which have been instrumental in helping her obtain a mentor and a promotion. This engineer's career is on the fast track.

Not long after coming to NSA, Arielle volunteered to become a communications and outreach lead. "I am in a high-visibility; high-responsibility role way sooner than I anticipated. I went from a brand-new NSA employee to the face of the agency."

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Work where your potential knows no bounds. - Sarah J., Computer Science Researcher

Sarah J. has a motto: "Don't sacrifice new opportunities for the comfort of the familiar." At NSA, new opportunities are everywhere. Sarah has worked in research and project engineering and has now moved into newer, cutting-edge fields - artificial intelligence and adversarial machine learning. She appreciates that NSA fosters mentoring so people can help build each other up. "NSA does an amazing job of bringing people together to learn from each other and support and encourage each other in this growing field."

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Work where everyone's voice adds value to the discussion. - Christina S., Computer Science Coach

At NSA, Christina S. has worked in vulnerability and malware analysis, cryptanalysis, software reverse engineering and technical research to detect data leaks in Android applications. She now coaches and mentors other computer scientists at NSA who are diverse in every way, a quality she appreciates. Christina recently worked on a project with a student whose strengths were different than hers. That just made for a better collaboration. "I was a stronger programmer, but he was great at picking up and learning the new software tools we had to learn."

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