In size and budget, NSA is like most Fortune 100 companies, with one big difference

Instead of working to create shareholder value, NSA business professionals work to keep the nation safe. Now is your chance to help run a large organization that makes a real difference in the lives of every American, coast to coast. NSA has opportunities for business majors in accounting, financial analysis, financial/budget management, budget analysis, and contract and project management. Technical majors are also needed to support project management and business analytics roles.

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Entry-level business professionals can be hired into positions that directly support a specific business office within the agency or into the Program Manager Development Program, a 3-year, full-time position that combines formal training with work assignments in various offices.

If you’re a college junior or graduate student, you can apply for NSA’s Business Management & Acquisition Summer Intern Program, where you’ll work directly with business professionals on any one of the following projects/requirements:

  • Negotiating multimillion dollar contracts
  • Developing the agency’s annual budget
  • Acquiring products and services from industry partners
  • Developing negotiation positions
  • Providing financial support for major acquisition programs
  • Working with other intelligence agencies and Department of Defense organizations to develop various support agreements

NSA accepts applications in late summer to early fall for the following summer’s internship program. Watch for announcements on our Student Programs page.

High school juniors who are enrolled in business courses and live within commuting distance of an NSA location can apply for Office Assistant positions, which support administrative functions at NSA through the High School Work Study Program.

NSA accepts applications in the fall for the following summer’s High School Work Study Program. Watch for announcements on our Student Programs page.