Start a Career in Data Science @NSA

A bunch of data.

Talk to anyone in the data science community and they’ll tell you, not all data science careers are alike.

In fact, not all data science jobs are actually … data science.
(Any data scientists out there busy building spreadsheets for executive meetings?)

Data science at NSA is different. NSA has been in the data science business for more than 50 years, before the term “data science” was popular. Our team of experts is large and growing. Our methods are rigorous and scientific.

And data? We have data of every size and type imaginable. In the trenches, time is precious and valuable insights must be gleaned. These demands drive us toward ever-better methods and technologies.

NSA data scientists use advanced quantitative methods and emerging technologies to solve challenging problems. Some of those problems are short term, and some will take a generation to crack.

Yet we will crack them, and when we do, we will be setting new standards for the advancement of data science practice worldwide.

And we need your help.

Are you interested?

Positions Open Now!

NSA is now hiring data scientists. We have positions for entry level, mid-level and experienced. Read the data science job opening for more info!

Join us and learn how your skills can help us advance data science practice and make the world a safer place.

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