Accountant Leaves Grueling Tax Season Behind to Join NSA

April 29, 2021

When Bryant B. first came to NSA more than three years ago, he was struggling to survive tax season.

Working at a public accounting firm while he was also earning his master’s degree, Bryant was putting in 55 hours a week or more during tax season. The grueling schedule left little time for anything else.

He intended to go to an on-campus recruiting event at Salisbury University, but when that didn’t work out, he went online to learn about opportunities for accountants at NSA. That year he graduated in May, was married in June, and started at NSA in July.

Since then, he has rotated through various offices over the course of his three years at the agency to learn about finance, accounting and budget, allowing him to see the organization as a whole.

“Knowing you have an impact in some way is very satisfying.” - Bryant B.

Among the benefits of moving around the agency are the many contacts he has made, “I have made so many connections and seen different roles,” he said. “You can sharpen the skills you have and learn new ones.”

He intends to stay with the agency and is applying for positions where he will stay for two years or longer; two are similar to his current role and one is a supervisory position.

His work at NSA includes coordinating and conferring with people within the agency to support warfighters to determine what is necessary to secure mission objectives. In that capacity, he works to guide, analyze and watch spending patterns, has helped those traveling for duty to verify their travel, and has worked in the accounting office to help pass an audit.

To enhance his skill set, Bryant is working toward earning his CPA certification. Once he passes, he will be reimbursed by the agency, another benefit of working at NSA.

A flexible schedule is yet another benefit offered at the agency. While the compensation may not compare to working at a public accounting firm, Bryant says, “The pay is different, but so are the hours – you don’t have to work 10 to 12 hours a day.”

That helps to keep work life and personal life in balance. “I can’t take work home with me,” he explains, “which is a great feeling.” Even in inclement weather, when others are forced to work remotely, work stays at work.

Beside the flexible schedule, Bryant also enjoys the personal fitness hours offered by NSA. He keeps active in NSA’s intramural leagues, playing kickball, softball and basketball with his colleagues, which he says is a great way to meet new people.

Among the people he has met are his “official” mentor, and many others to whom he can turn for career support and guidance. “It is a huge campus, so you can see and meet different people all the time – new and veterans.” Now he has employees who are new to the agency turning to him for advice.

Bryant also connects with others through two employee resource groups. Soon he will extend those connections into the community by participating in the K-12 outreach mentoring/tutoring program, an effort he is excited about joining. He also shares his experience at NSA as a technical recruiter visiting college campuses, which gives him the opportunity to travel for work.

Bryant says he enjoys his work at NSA, especially the mission. “Knowing you have an impact in some way is very satisfying; it feels good. The organization really shows its appreciation – everyone is working together for a common goal.”