3 Common Denominators of Fulfilling Careers

November 5, 2020

Each of us has unique skills, individual talents and distinct career goals. Yet the three things that top the list of benefits in the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) appeal to almost every job seeker, regardless of experience or profession.

The Top 3 Characteristics of Great Careers

That's because these three things are the lifeblood of all healthy careers. Without them, you will find yourself adrift in a churning labor market, without a clear path to the shore.

They are 1) exceptional benefits, 2) job stability, and 3) work that makes a difference.

Exceptional Benefits

The Stability of Government Jobs

Unlike commercial companies, the federal government does not operate on a for-profit model. While commercial companies traded on the U.S. stock exchange are driven by quarterly profits for stockholders, the federal government is driven by one thing: service to the American people. Employees are not furloughed to improve quarterly numbers.

While there are no guarantees of continued employment, it's safe to say that your government position will be more stable than a similar position in the private sector.

Why IC Jobs Make a Difference

The value that drives employment in the federal government is public service. Federal government employees do what they do for the health, safety and prosperity of the American people.

The U.S. Intelligence Community deals with a wide range of issues, all of them considered potential risks to the American way of life. When you report to work in the IC, you are not simply collecting a paycheck. You are making a better world for you, your family, your community and your fellow Americans.

Get More Details

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