Office of the Director of National Intelligence


ODNI follows a formal assessment process to identify high achievers, while providing training resources and mentoring opportunities.

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Each calendar year, all eligible employees will be reviewed by a Career Advisory Board (CAB) to assess their career development and potential for career growth in positions of increasing responsibility. Employees whose performance record, experience, knowledge and talents are exceptional in comparison with their peers, and who have demonstrated a high degree of potential for career growth in positions of increasing responsibility, may be recommended for promotion. The annual review has two purposes:

  1. To evaluate all employees’ career development and to provide feedback on actions those employees can take to strengthen qualifications for career growth and promotion
  2. To identify employees who are ready for promotion based on all aspects of performance and potential to perform higher level duties

The ODNI provides a variety of training opportunities for its employees to include:

  • Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program: This program provides the Intelligence Community with an enhanced means to recruit intelligence officers with critical skills that the labor market does not readily provide. Funded by Congress, the Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program provides monetary incentive to college students who pursue studies in critical language specialties, area studies, and technical and scientific specialties.
  • Foreign Language: The ODNI Foreign Language Pay Program is designed to assist with the recruitment of ODNI personnel who have foreign language skills critical to the IC mission. Additionally, the program provides incentives for employees to maintain mission critical foreign language skills at a minimum level of proficiency.

The ODNI Mentoring Program is a great way for our diverse, highly mobile workforce to give and receive mentoring on networking, ODNI culture, the IC, performance appraisal writing, leadership skills and career management.