At NSA, your career development begins on day one and continues throughout your career. We offer a variety of internal and external academic opportunities* to help you meet your professional goals.

Global Training Enterprise

NSA and the Intelligence Community offer advanced training opportunities.

Internally, NSA is a true global training enterprise with more than 20 campuses, four cryptologic centers and six cryptologic training schools. Our prestigious National Cryptologic School (NCS) offers advanced classes in language, cryptology, leadership, education and business expertise.

The Intelligence Community has its own accredited university: The National Intelligence University (NIU) . With its unique intelligence master’s and bachelor’s degrees and relevant certificate programs taught in a classified setting, NIU provides rigorous opportunities for career intelligence officers from day one.

Tuition-Funded Training Programs

Externally, we also offer four tuition-funded training programs with outside institutions:

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Permanent civilian employees with one year of experience can take advantage of advanced training programs at accredited colleges or universities while receiving a salary, tuition and lab fees for up to four semesters of upper-undergraduate or graduate level courses.

Permanent civilian employees can use the After-Hours College Program to take job- and mission-related courses, offered at the undergraduate or graduate level, at an accredited college or university of their choice. NSA pays for tuition, lab fees, and online or tele-course fees.

To ensure our continued technical and managerial growth, NSA awards a limited number of full-time, mission-related undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships annually. Selected NSA employees normally receive full tuition, salary and time off to attend a full-time degree program at a local college or university.

NSA offers a variety of specialized academic programs in partnership with such notable institutions as the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC), the Naval Postgraduate School, the National Defense University and the National War College. These programs provide tuition-free courses of study leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas directly related to intelligence studies. Students may participate in on-location programs or in special sessions available directly on the NSA campus.

* Continuation of all programs is contingent upon allocation of funding.