NGA provides competitive and non-competitive development opportunities through a multitude of agency internal and external programs. Career development offers employees additional experiences, exposure and education opportunities to help further and strengthen an employee’s skill set. Many of these opportunities may result in new job experiences, professional or leader development opportunities, Joint Duty assignments, temporary details, full or part-time training and education, or even new leadership prospects.

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For employees who elect to participate, NGA provides a formal mentoring program. This highly encouraged program promotes partnerships for all employees to develop themselves personally and professionally with the assistance of a more experienced employee. These partnerships continue for as long as mutually desired and serve as an opportunity for newer employees to grow their skills in professional leadership and technical excellence, helping to advance NGA’s mission. Studies prove that having a mentor assists employees in getting off to a great start in their careers and in developing themselves for the future.

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides educational opportunities to develop critical skills and knowledge that contribute to NGA’s mission and performance goals. TAP pays 100 percent of tuition costs at accredited colleges or universities for approved mission-related courses. The program also funds textbooks and library, laboratory and computer usage fees for approved courses of study. TAP is open to all NGA civilian employees.

Individuals who join the NGA team have full access to the National Geospatial -Intelligence College, an accredited educational institution dedicated to shaping a culture of learning for geospatial intelligence professionals. Through hundreds of classroom and web-based courses, NGA professionals have continuous opportunities to acquire and maintain world-class skills in their respective specialties throughout the life of their careers. The college provides innovative learning solutions and investments using contemporary technologies and curriculum design that keep pace with leading-edge training offered by industry, government, and academia.

The GEOINT Professional Certification (GPC) program is part of a broader Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD(I)) initiative to further professionalize the Department of Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE) workforce. The program applies to all cleared Department of Defense civilian, military, and contractor practitioners in GEOINT-related work roles throughout the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG). GPC may also extend to non-DoD members of the NSG with GEOINT equities.

Eligibility »

Practitioners that are interested in earning one of the eleven credentials offered by the GPC program should refer to the GPC Program Handbook to learn more about the objectives, eligibility requirements, and benefits of the various GEOINT certifications and how they promote interoperability across the GEOINT community and enable GEOINT practitioners to demonstrate proficiency in the competencies that are common to their specific geospatial intelligence discipline.

Testing Opportunities »

GPC assessments are offered on a weekly basis at test sites located near concentrations of GEOINT practitioners. Candidates may register by contacting a GPC Assessment Coordinator.

Using GPC Credentials »

Certificants who are awarded GPC credentials are authorized to use the certification designations and certification marks to promote their expertise and differentiate themselves from their peers.

Additional Information »

Please visit us on the GPC websites located on the NGANet/JWICS network at or on NGA’s Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) network at (USG Common Access Card/Certificate required).