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DIA serves as the Executive Agent for the Wounded Warrior Internship Program (WWP) for the entire Intelligence Community. The program was designed to assist Service members who are ill, injured or wounded and currently in a hold status at a medical treatment facility. The main objective is to support the Service member’s transition back to the civilian workforce or military life after recovery. On average the temporary assignment lasts three to six months, performing an average of 20 hours per work week.

What are the benefits of participating in the Wounded Warrior Internship Program?

  • Marketability: Experience a hands-on internship that can be applied in both the civilian and military sectors.
  • Flexibility: Create a work schedule that is dependent and in line with your treatment program.
  • Opportunity: Explore various interests that can help pave your future career path.
  • Personal Development: Develop specific skills and knowledge related to your potential career.
  • Networking: Meet professional contacts that may be able to help you progress in your career.

How can I participate in the Wounded Warrior Internship Program?
Interested Service members must first register with the DoD’s Operation Warfighter (OWF) Program. In order to register with the OWF Program, Service members must obtain a medical clearance from their chain of command to certify that they are able to participate. The local OWF Coordinator will then work with the Service member to identify and secure an opportunity that align with their interests and capabilities. For more information on the OWF Program website, please visit: http://warriorcare.dodlive.mil/wounded-warrior-resources/operation-warfighter/.

Participation in DIA’s WWP does not guarantee permanent employment at DIA or within the IC; however, several qualifying participants have been permanently hired post-service.

Contact Information

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Intelligence Community Wounded Warrior Program site. If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact the DIA Wounded Warrior Program via email at DIA_ICWWIP@dodiis.mil.