Concise Communications | Research | Data Analysis | Collaboration | Intellectual Curiosity | Critical Thinking

DHS I&A has a variety of excellent opportunities for young professionals interested in cybersecurity careers. Whether your degree is in a STEM field or the liberal arts, there’s a place for you on the I&A cybersecurity team.

As part of I&A cybersecurity, you could play an important role in any of the following:

Although cybersecurity is traditionally a tech-heavy field – and we do hire computer science, data science and other STEM majors – we also value the contribution of non-technical majors. Young professionals who studied the humanities, social sciences, international studies or national security studies are encouraged to apply. An interest in computer science or some STEM training is a bonus.

Critical thinking and precise communication skills are critical to success in these positions. The development of intelligence culminates with written reports for technical and non-technical decision makers. Your ability to logically assess a situation and clearly communicate your findings is key to success. Because these skills are so critical to our mission, we offer incentive pay for cybersecurity positions.