Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis


Employees are our most valuable resource. DHS I&A is committed to your professional development.

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DHS I&A offers both formal and informal coaching and mentoring programs in all agency components and across all occupational functions.

Academic programs will cultivate your creative homeland security strategic analysis and decision-making skills through high-quality, fully accredited graduate degree programs through the National Intelligence University, the Naval Postgraduate School, the Department of Defense Senior Service Schools and private colleges and universities.

You can broaden your skills, gain organizational knowledge, and enhance your personal and professional growth by pursuing rotational assignments in different offices across DHS.

DHS’s interagency development opportunities are designed to help enhance your knowledge of the federal government, gain experience in developing policy and strategy, identify best practices and lessons learned across the government, and build your professional network of contacts and resources.

Civilian DHS employees at the GS-11 through GS-15 grade levels and equivalent can take part in this intra-departmental and inter-agency program that offers professional and developmental opportunities. Joint duty assignments are designed to enhance operations and mission execution through collaboration.

DHS wants leaders at all levels throughout the department to be exposed to a core set of developmental experiences and leadership principles. The Leader Development program offers courses and training resources for non-supervisors, supervisors and executives across DHS.

The DHS Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program prepares high-performing individuals for positions in DHS’s Senior Executive Service through an intensive 12-18 month leadership development program.